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Retail Shop

Project NamePatternApplication
Chow Sang Sang Jewellery Co Ltd.CS-2608 (Hairline + Bronze Colored)Shop Front + Display Cabinet + Frame
Luk Fook Holding (International ) Ltd.CS-2182 (Hairline + Black Colored)Shop Front + Display Cabinet + Frame
Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd.CS-2460 (Mirror + Black Colored)Shop Front + Display Cabinet + Frame
The CullinanCS-2884 (Mirror + Rose Gold Colored) + CS-2880 (Satin Zr-Brass)Lift Door
Imperial CullinanCBC-H2 (Hairline + Cocoa Colored) & CBC-M2 (Mirror + Cocoa Colored) & CS-2392 (Rough Bead Blasted) & CS-3019 (Bead Blasted + Black Colored)Lift Door
LaraottoCS-2460 (Mirror + Black Colored) & CBC-M2 (Mirror + Cocoa Colored)Door Frame
MarinellaCS-3811AFP (Hairline + Bronze Colored + Anti-Finger Print)Corridor
The MasterpieceMirror + Non Directional Hairline + Bronze ColoredLift Door
OceanaireCS-3009 (Mirror + Bronze Colored)Lift Door
SerenadeCS-3009 (Mirror + Bronze Colored)Lift Door
The WingsCBC-M2 (Mirror + Cocoa Colored) & Mirror + Custom Made Etching + CocoaLift Door
La SpendeurCS-2182 (Hairline + Black Colored)Lift Door
One WanchaiCS-2608 (Hairline + Bronze Colored)Lift Door
Harbour OneCS-2608 (Hairline + Bronze Colored)Lift Door
The CoronationCS-3003 (Bead Blasted + Zr Brass Colored)Lift Door
Celestial HeightsMirror + Custom Made Etching + CocoaLift Door
Festival CityCustom Made Pattern + Black ColoredLift Door
The RiverparkMirror + Partial Bead Blasted + BronzeLift Door
Crampian RoadMirror + Partial Bead Blasted + Rose GoldLift Door
The OneCS-3143 (Mrrior + Nickel Silver Colored)Lift Door + Elevator Cladding
Manhattan PlaceCS-1231 (Bead Blasted)Lift Door
Enterprise Square 3CS-1 NA (Satin)Lift Door
Wheelock HouseCS-1231 (Bead Blasted)Wall Panel + Fire Door
Intercotinential Hong KongMirror + Custom Made Etching + Bronze ColoredWall Panel
InterContinential Grand Standford Hong KongCS-3010 (Hairline + Bronze Colored) & CS-3010AFP (Hairline + Bronze Colored + Anti-Finger Print)Cabinet + Wall Panel
Indigo HotelCS-2884 (Mirror + Rose Gold Colored)Lift Door
Madera HotelCS-2887 (Mirror + Black Colored) & CS-2888 (Hairline + Black Colored)Cabinet + Skirting
The Hong Kong Jockey ClubCS-2392BK (Rough Bead Blasted + Black Colored) & CS-1961BK (Karo + Black Colored)Cabinet + Fitting Out
Wong Tai Sin TempleCustom Made Pattern + Nickel Silver ColoredDoor + Wall Panel
The Venetian Macao Resort HotelMany kinds of color stainless steelInterior Fitting Out
Star World HotelCS-2878 (Mirror + Za Brass Colored)Interior Fitting Out
Wynn MacauCS-2608 (Hairline + Bronze Colored)Interior Fitting Out
Chow Sang Sang Jewellery (Macau) Co LtdCS-2608 (Hairline + Bronze Colored) & CS-2182 (Hairline + Black Colored)Shop Front + Display Cabinet + Frame
The Residencia MacauCS-3009 (Mirror + Bronze Colored)N/A
Makeup Forever Shop (Dubai / Indonesia / Kuwait / Saudi Arabia / Taiwan)CS-2106 (Satin 6-WL)Shop Flooring
Franck Muller Shop (Jakarta)CS-3009 (Mirror + Bronze Colored)Feature Wall
Sheraton Hotel (Korea)CBC-H2 (Hairline + Cocoa Colored) & CBC-M2 (Mirror + Cocoa Colored)Lift Car
Singapore Marina Bay Sands CasinoCS-1231 (Bead Blasted) & CS-2392 (Rough Bead Blasted)Curtain Wall
Dickson Watch Shop (Singapore)CS-3009 (Mirror + Bronze Colored) & CS-2887 (Mrrior + Black Colored)Shop Display
Fat Burger Restaurant (Indonesia / Kuwait)CS-2340 (3-QLT)Wall Panel
Chow Sang Sang Jewellery Co Ltd (Taiwan)CS-2608 (Hairline + Bronze Colored)Shop Front + Display Cabinet
Hilton Chennai Hotel (India)CS-3149 (Tailor Made Pattern)Lift Car Door
CVTSOS Project (Singapore)CS-2460 (Mirror + Black Colored)Shop Display
Cassina Spa (Italy)CS-2182 (Hairline + Black Colored)N/A
Orchard Residences (Singapore)CS-2460 (Mirror + Black Colored) & CS-2182 (Hairline + Black Colored)N/A
In Time Shop (Indonesia)CBC-M3 (Mirror + Black Colored) & CBC-H3 (Hairline + Black Colored)Shop Display Cabinet
Hotel Project (U.S.A)CS-3015 (Hairline + Copper Colored)Elevator Wall Panel
Retail Shop (Jakarta)CS-2887 (Mirror + Black Colored) & CS-3144 (Hairline + Nickel Silver Colored)Shop Display
Shoes Shop (Singapore)CS-3010 (Hairline + Bronze Colored)Shop Display
Imperial CullinanCS-2392 (Rough Bead Blasted) & CS-3019 (Bead Blasted + Black Colored)Lift Door

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