Cobelco Stainless Steels have the advantage of stable quality and attractive appearance that lead Cobelco Stainless Steel welcome to be applied in many application.

1-UM and 3-QLT in Play Club 0108 Floor, Exchange Square CS-2608 (5).JPGboss home (1).JPGboss home (2).JPGFat Burger 3-QLT (1).JPGFat Burger 3-QLT (CS-2340).JPGICC 1-RL Rose Gold.JPGMR copper  Frame and HL copper background in wan chai 中藝 001MR copper in wan chai 中藝 002
MR copper in wan chai 中藝 008MR+ ETHCH + BRONZE COLORED (3)PLAY Bar  - 1-UNPret a manager- TSTVole-CS-2888 (1).JPG山頂廣場JOB (1).JPG山頂廣場JOB (2).JPG世貿中心 World trade centre (HL Black) (2) CS-2182愛賓大廈 - Rough BBD Black + MR Black (5).JPG
照片 1643嘉里 Wilmer Street-CS-3010AFP (2)翠園CS-2885.JPG      

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